jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

Final catch up hopefully

My internet problem is solved and I now have a faster internet connection and hopefully it wont give problems like the old company did.

I ll do a brief catch up:

Sunday- I headed out to the mirador with my father and brother to the mirador and I wanted to do my tempo run, this time I was going to do it with my brother. I hoped to be a challenge for my brother since He is not running that much and I am training somewhat hard, but He defeated me easily, not that I was racing, but I tried to keep the pace going, but I did not have it today.

After 3k warm up, the tempo started and after the first km I knew that it was going to be a struggle, the first km came in 5:05 and in the mile I was struggling, the 2k mark came in 10:15, so 5:10 for that km, halfway came in 12:50, my brother passed 3 seconds faster, but He was basically was waiting for me, then after We turned around in the halfway mark, He started to pull away, I tried my best to keep going, but I was going very tired, not because the workout itself, but I started this workout very tired, I dont know if its the training or the run of the previous day, that is a long run for me at the moment, even that for some, that would an easy recovery run. However, I kept strong , 3k came in 15:26, for 5:10 for that km or so, 20:38 for 4k, 5:12 that km, in the last km I just wanted to hang on and seeing my brother very far way, finished the tempo in 25:43, for 5:04 in the last km. My brother finished in 25:09.

As I said, I just did not have it today, maybe I was wrong that with a watch, you can run faster, but in the end is your body who decides how fast you can run on a particular day, so that means that the watchless racing continues, dont want to risk a race , watching splits going up, feeling like shit.

I also need to recovery better for those workouts, I can go to those workouts tired, that tiredness could drag to th next week and get the overtraining hole, I am over reacting here, but that could happen if its done overtime.

Monday and Tuesday I did the exact same thing, 6 laps in the conservatory plus a bit more to complete what I would say is 7.5k. Both runs were watchless and on Monday I felt very tired, I was surprised of how bad I felt when the run started, I could loosen a bit as the run went on. On Tuesday felt much better.

On Wednesday- I wanted to do a watchless workout, got to the conservatory and did 1 lap easy, then wanted to do 1k fast, and then did a kind of fartlek of varying distances, I did 1k fast, dont know the time, but I am really curious of what I ran, I should have brought the watch, maybe I am just getting glued to my watch in training, then I was having side stitchs and I was not having the motivation to keep running hard, was not very focused, so I decided to do 4 more laps easy, but the last 2 increased pace so I was not running recovery pace, so once again 7.5k watchless.

I think that 1 easy week is not hurting my fitness, but maybe I ll throw some kind of workout Tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday, not 3 days of course, but at least one of them,

Next week I ll continue with my intervals and I ll bring my watch to track improvement. The watchless thing would keep going in races.

Today I rest, I think I need this rest, not feeling great this week, so this rest day is welcome. We are in holly week, so tomorrow through Sunday are good running opportunities because from today lunch I am free from work till Monday.

Hope you have a great holly/easter week!!

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