miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2016

Failed workout (timewise) in my book, the effort was there

Tonight at 7:20 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory to do my workout, I was planning to do 1k fast and then 4 x 2 mins fartlek with 2 mins jog, but I tweak that a little bit. I have been feeling tired for the past week and today was not different.

I headed out to the conservatory without looking at the watch and then did 1 lap easy to complete the warm up, I was not warmed up, in fact when I start the fast portion, I am huffing and puffing early, its after a while that I pretty much settle into a groove. I decided to do 2k fast this time, so 2 laps fast nonstop, I did not checked splits during, but I put a good effort there, but I felt totally slugish, I felt tired, but knew that I felt very heavy and was not running at my interval pace, but today that was all I could muster.

2k came in 4:47,4:49, so pretty much even, but way off my interval pace, I prefered to be in the 4:30s, but what can you do, I put a good effort and that was the result., then did 1 lap easy to recover, and then did 2 x 2 mins with 2 mins rest, I felt tired there and put a good effort, but again, the legs did not turn any faster at all, the effort was there, but the speed was not, anyway, complete pretty much what I got out to do. Total time for today was 48:31, what I suspect was almost 8k.

Right now I look like a zombie, I am pretty tired and was like that before starting the workout. On another note, the stomach felt pretty good today after ditching cofee today, the problem is in the leg. Honestly, I am not happy with this workout, but sometimes you have to accept things as they are.

Have a great night!

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