domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016

Morning Tempo run

This morning I was very prepared to do my tempo run, I even woke up much earlier than the alarm, the alarm goes off at 6:45 a.m. , but before 6 a.m. I was rolling around in bed.

My father and I got out to the mirador at 7:20 a.m. and I warmed up very easy 3k to the mirador, then stopped tied my shoes tighter, and the 5k tempo started. I tried my best to keep the pace controlled at the beginning, but crossed the 200s in 57 secs, too fast!! slowed down from there on and crossed the 1st km in 4:59, a bit too fast, but I felt good, today I wanted to keep the pace controlled and even, first time out doing these tempos, I raced the watch and finished much more tired than necessary, last week started out like a bat and hit the wall after 3k, ran easy for 1k and then hammer the last one. But this time around I wanted to run as evenly as possible and as controlled as poosible.

The pace felt very controlled, but the breathing by 2k was not that easy, 2k came in 10:04 (5:04), tried to keep relaxed, halfway in 12:37, and the 3k came in 15:12(5:07) ( exactly the same as two weeks ago, but this time around feeling a lot better), after that felt a bit tired, but with 1 mile to go I kept the composure and tried to keep relaxed while maintaining pace, mission accomplished, 4k in 20:21(5:08), the last km came in 5:05 for a total time of 25:26, so 4 seconds slower than last time, but feeling much better, and I never sped up in the last 200s to save time, I just kept running at the same speed and I felt really strong at the end, tired, but very very strong, it seems that the training is paying off nicely.

3k cool down with my father to complete a 11k day and a 6 days of running this week. Maybe I am getting obsessive with my running again, but I am enjoying this training a lot.

Another reason I think I felt much better than last week, is that I did my farltlek workout on Wednesday as opposed to last week that I did it on Thursday, so I had 1 extra day of recovery that can make a massive difference.

All in all, heading the right direction, a lot of work to do, but getting there slowly!

Have a great Sunday!

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