jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016

Recovery run

Today  at 7:15 p.m., yes I am running roughly at that time for the weekdays. Today I ran pretty easy to recover from yesterday, but I felt really fresh and good, but of course I was tired from yesterday, got to the conservatory in 8 low. then did 6 laps easy with splits: 6:29,6:24,6:23,6:20,6:20,6:10 and 90 more secs. In the last lap decided to move the legs a bit faster, but the effort remained the same, of course I made sure to keep it very easy.

Its amazing How my body is responding to the training, I barely breathed today, the effort felt very easy, and the pace was basically my normal easy pace, today it was jogging around to fill in the miles to recover and prepare from my next workout,that is a good way to train.

All in all, I did around 7.5k in 48 mins. Slow but I felt good, However, I started to feel tired after the 4th lap , not because of the run itself, but maybe because I have 6 days straight running or maybe because I was very hungry since after lunch.

Have a great Thursday!

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