domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

10k run with the father and coachees

Today I changed the route a bit, and I ran in the East mirador, it was a good route, a 4k loop with a lot of heat, and the terrain is fairly flat, I really enjoyed it.

My father took off early and I only saw him vanishing ahead, I stayed behind with my coachees, running at 7:10 per km pace, that pace felt very easy for me of course, but for the newsest one, not that much, but She completed her first 4k (29:20), after the first 5k( around 35-36 mins), I said to Virkin that I was going to increase the pace a bit, and started gradually increasing the pace, till I was seeing 5:40s pretty confortable, and the last km was in 5:03, just increasing a bit the pace. The flat terrain is really easy to run those paces.

Whereas, in the conservatory is a struggle to run sub 6 mins per lap at a very easy pace and run sub 5:10 without losing your composure. Virkin completed 8k in 59 something, She was not feeling very well in the second half, the heat was very strong and She was hungry, of course She was hungry because She did not take dinner or breakfast, so that might explain the decrease in energy. My father ran 2 laps to the park which is 8k, and myself ran 2.5 laps to the park which is 10k in 64:45 with a big negative split.

I felt really good, but I have to admit that the heat was very unconfortable, but that only makes you stronger and stronger, and running at an easy pace is not a big of a deal, at race effort, that heat is ten times harder.

Have a great Sunday and Happy mother`s day!

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