sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Easy peacy

As I said yesterday I did not run Thursday and Friday, but was back at it this evening. I headed out later than planned, but the run was enjoyable and quietly, not much annoying cars.

I headed out to the conservatory at 6:20 p.m. and got there in 7:56, then did 5 easy laps and came back home. Splits were 6:28,6:23,6:19,6:25,6:11 and back home in 7:05 to finish the 7.5k in 47:21. Never looked at the watch during the run, was totally on effort.

I even thought about doing the last 3k at tempo effort, but I was not feeling at the top of my game, so I continued the run easy and finished feeling good.

Have a great night!

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