domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

Steady state run?

Today here is Presidencial selection day (I dont know if the name is correct in english). I headed out to my run at 5:40 p.m. to the conservatory. I already could feel the strong heat and humidity, I was sweating even before starting.

I never looked at the watch today, but I planned to do a faster than easy pace run,so 1 lap easy, 2 laps faster than my normal easy pace, 1 lap normal easy pace and 2 laps at tempo effort for a total of 6 laps and back home would total 8.5k.

Got there in 7:49, then 6 laps in 6:23,6:03,5:48,6:23,5:19,4:57. That 4:57 felt like 4:37 or my interval pace, the effort was intense, but controlled, then from the conservatory to home I ran faster than easy pace, to complete the 8.5k in 50:11. Last 1.2k in 6:52.

I continued at a strong easy pace the last part of the run to see how fast I could recover without doing a recovery jog, so from the fast pace I went to slightly faster than easy pace.

I am not in bad shape, but those paces sub 5 min per km are costing me a lot of work.

5 runs this week!

Have a great Sunday!

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