miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2016

Easy evening run

Yesterday I took the day off, I do have a family reunion, so did not have time for running in the evening, so took the day off.

Today after work, I headed out at 7:30 p.m. to the conservatory to run easy,I just got there, did 5 laps and came home without looking at the watch to finish the 7.5k  in 47:08.

Felt tired from the day, but felt pretty good a the same time runningwise, felt effortless I even sped up in the 3rd lap to run with a guy that passed me, of course I just changed gears at an easy effort, when I was about to catch him, He stopped for a walk, no biggies, just 2 more laps on my own and the segment from the park till home.

Splits were 8:20 o get to the conservatory, I just had to zig zag a lot in the big hill due to the traffic, so lost some time there, then 5 laps in 6:28,6:20,5:55,6:15,6:10, then 7:10 to get home,7.5k in 47:08.

Feeling good and light, maybe I am getting leaner and my body is responding well to it!

Have a great night!

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