lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

Evening Tempo run with brother

Today after work, I wanted to run harder, last week all my runs were easy, so my body was ready for a stress workout,I was not sure what I would do, but I wanted to run hard. Then when I got home, my brother asked permission to take my watch, but I told him that I wanted to use it, but then He said He was doing a tempo run, so I opted to give it to her and to do the tempo with him.

He had planned to run 5 laps in the conservatory at tempo effort, I would just do whatever I could to stay with him, I know He is in better condition, but now I am not so sure, after warming up to the conservatory, so 1.2k or so, We started the tempo, and He started like a bat, I tried to stay in contact, but I just could not, I was just running at an effort that felt confortably hard, if I sped up more than that, it would turn into interval workout, so I just let him go, the gap just was increasing and increasing, I could not take splits because I did not have a watch, but when I was approaching the 3rd lap, I just saw my brother still waiting for me, He gave me the watch and I put it on, I just saw 15:38 in the 3k, and I just did the math to break 26 mins in 5 laps  (5K) in the conservatory  for the first time ever this year (or the past 3 years maybe), I was just getting tired and the heat was very tough, soaking wet at that point, 4th lap came in 5:14 ,20:53 for 4 laps (kms), then I just said 5:06 and I run sub 26 mins, but at that point I was huffing and puffing like crazy, and the legs were heavy already, a fellow runner called Israel was pushing the pace and I passed and He would pass me back, so He helped me a lot to finish up hard in the last lap, I finally built a gap on him and mustered 5:02 for the last km, to finish the 5k tempo in 25:56, had to stop for 15 seconds before starting my cool down lap( did 7:08) + 90 secs to complete my 7.5k run .

Happy with this workout, I have improved my fitness a bit in the last couple of months, finally I could break the 26 mins barrier in the conservatory in the last 3 years (I have done 21:52 for 5 laps there in 2009, but I was a real runner then, lol).

Heat was horrible, but I am happy with the way I ran, I think I have mastered that effort, the tempo just played as I planned.

Now some easy days before stressing again!

Have a great start to the week!

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