lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016

unplanned mini tempo

Today after work I was set to run another easy run to relieve stress from work and to take it easy, because on Saturday I ran longer than planned and yesterday was easy, but got impatient in the last 2 laps and sped up, so today I wanted to run an easy run.

That did not work because I was feeling good and as soon as I entered the conservatory I started to increase pace, the first lap, I did not look at the watch, but then I sped up suddenly and before I knew I was running at tempo effort, the plan was 2 laps at that pace, but then did another one, so 3k tempo effort, before slowing down the 5th lap and speeding up again just below 6 mins per lap for the last lap.

I finished the 7.5k in 42:57 or so, I finished with an almost sprint for the last 100m.

I did look at the watch today for the tempo portion, that felt nice to see 5:04,5:00,5:09 for the 3k at tempo pace, the 3rd lap I was carrying a coin to buy bread and that fell down, so I had to turn back 10m to pick it up and then start again, I lost around 5 secs in that, so maybe that was around 5:05 or less, but who cares, what matter is the effort. 1st lap was 6:03, then last 2 after the tempo were 6:20 and 5:50.6 laps and 75 secs or so in the park.

The most important thing is that I am feeling better and better at those paces, not huffing and puffing to death like before, now I huff and puff, but the pace is pretty much controllable and I can get back into the wagon faster.

So those tempos of 3-5k have helped, but I need to get more quality  and more longer endurance runs if I want to see a more bigger improvement on my times.

I am starting to feel better at my weight, I feel much lighter than before, and people tell me that I look much leaner, at least I have a neck again, lol.

Anyway, I am too far from my peak shape, but heading the right direction I guess.

Have a great night!

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