martes, 30 de agosto de 2016

Caching up :Fast finish and 3k faster than tempo

Sunday was my final run of the week, and I went out with my friend Alexis to the conservatory at 6:00 p.m., I was full because I ate like a pig and drank more coke than not, lol. But by the last 2-3 laps of the run I was just fine and even sped up, but did not feel the way I thought at that pace.

The splits were like 7:54 to get to the park, then 6 laps in 6:23,6:21,6:12,6:02,5:11,4:58. The last 2 laps I was in chase mode because  a chubby guy passed me and as I had not any stress workout since Monday, I decided to sped up a little. I did not catch the guy because He seemed to speed up too, and when I was closing, He stopped, I got mad, because I wanted to race a little. After that lap I did 90 secs easy to complete 7.5k + in 44:53, felt good at the finish, but lately my diet is all over the pace so I need to correct that. My friend Alexis just got to the 8-9 min mark and stopped.

Monday was a rest - I was visiting my Granmother in the hospital.

Today I almost skip the run as well, I left work at 6:50s, so I got home at 7:25 p.m., I almost stay, but then decided to go out and do something and boy, I was surprised with today`s run.

I got to the conservatory in 8:00, then did 1 lap in 6:19, normal easy pace,then wanted to do 1k at tempo or slightly faster, and 1 lap easy to test the system a bit and to change things up a bit, after the 2nd lap in 4:51, I decided to go on, then did 4:52 for the next and then decided to do one final lap and came out in 4:57, then ran 100s more at that pace, then started the cool down, completed the 5th lap in 6:31, then back home in 7:25 for 43:28 in 7.5k. Including 3 laps (3k) in 14:40.

As I type this I am still surprised because although the effort was high, it was more or less controlled, and felt strong, I thought that I could not run sub 5 mins in more than 2 laps but today I showed that I can and can even run faster. I think its better to run slower and longer (tempo runs), but I just wanted to test the legs a bit and I felt better today than it a lot of tempos that I have done over 5:10 per lap, so I must be improving or it was a very good day.

The heat was very strong, but I wore my hillrunner singlet, that gave me luck. I had a lot of time without using it,this time fit much better so that means that I certainly have lost fat since December!

One again running shows that its the best theraphy for stress, and the endorphins are the best! I felt new again after feeling tired and grumpy due to work!

Have a great Tuesday!

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