jueves, 11 de octubre de 2018

Tuesday 10k tempo: 53:14!

On Tuesday I had planned a 8-10k tempo, my brother was doing 13k with a goal time of 71:30, which is 5:30 per km pace. As I said earlier I wanted to run the first km in 5:20 and tried to maintain it till the end.

I  have been improving nicely every week, of course muscle memory exist and I have run 44:38 for the 10k 10 years ago, wow, it seems like it was yesterday. Today I ran 53:14 for the 10k, and I had not run a time like that since 2012, where I remember that I did a training run in 49:46 for 10k, but in a race in that same year, did 54:07, have not run better since then until today, so I am satisfied. The weather played a big role since it was around 20 degrees Celsius.

So as I said my plan was to run 5:20 per km, and I had not told that to my brother, I wanted to know if He would follow me or would know inmediately that He was running slower than his 5:30 per km pace. Well, He basically followed me, but I was in the lead after the first 200m, and I could feel his footsteps right behind in the mile, after that the footsteps were Heard farer an farer, I have to admit that on the first half I felt very unconfortable, not because of the pace, because I was not focused, I was focused on the gap that I have built to my brother (as We were Racing), it was after the halfway that I could focus on the task at hand and could  keep moving forward to the finish. The splits were pretty even, so pretty much I accomplished my goal, but I really wanted to run sub 53 mins, but to do that I would have to push a lot and that is not the goal for tempo runs.

Finished in 53:14 wih splits per km of 5:18, 5:21(10:39), 5:18 (15:57),5:19 (21:16), 5:23 (26:39 5k), 5:18 (31:57), 5:16 (37:13), 5:20 (42:33), 5:21 (47:54), 5:20 (53:14). In the last 3k I tried to smoothly increase effort/pace, but  I just stayed in 5:20 per km like a robot, I could not sped up without doing a tremendous effort, but neither I would have slowed down, I felt pretty strong to slow down.

I have to say that km 3-5 and 5-7 (back) its full of Rolling hills and at an easy pace you dont feel those hills, but when you are running hard you feel those hills a lot and I had to keep focus not to get distracted or affected by those hills, so I think the splits reflect that I handled those hills well.

1st 3k were in 15:57, second 3k were in 16:00 and 3rd 3k were in 15:57, so pretty even.

1st 2.5k in 13:20 and 5k in 26:39, so again pretty even, I pretty much hit 5:20 per km, like a robot, I dont think that I have ever run that even in my life.

After the run I felt starving so We headed to the chinese buffet libre to recharge energies and start the recovery process, lol.

The 10k tempo was preceded by 1.5k easy to warm up and around 10 mins very easy to cool down, but the cool down I did it after stretching a bit and drinking wáter and after waiting for my brother to finish. So my cooldown started around 25 mins after I finished the 10k.

Anyway, I am very satisfied with the effort, but I am pretty far of my 44 mins shape. However, I have to keep training and improving, thats the only way I can get close and closer.

Rested yesterday and today and tomorrow Will be easy 45 mins to run to recover and on Saturday do another hard workout.

Have a great Thursday!

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