lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

easy run

Hoy no me fui a correr temprano so i waited to the afternoon , a las 4:15 p.m., sali a hacer mi run, it was hacia el conservatorio, 7 vueltas there and come back around 6 miles. Como dije ahora estoy incrementando mi millaje, i went without the watch, just an easy paced run. As the run went by i was feeling better and better, at the end i felt pretty good.
The only problem was that i felt cramps in my left leg and in my cadera, i think that those cramps are for the hard week that i had last week and due to the increase in mileage , however this week is probably gonna be higher in terms of mileage than the last one. Yes i wanna race well. The weather was a bit hot , but in the conservatory was fresh and cool.Felt good.

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