domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Mile repeats and easy run (double)

Hoy me levante a las 6:30a.m., con mucho suenio porque me acoste tarde, pero bueno tenia una obligacion que hacer, my 3rd session of mile repeats, se supone que haria 5, pero antes de irme, dije que solo haria 4 para ir gradual, so i have so many weeks for the 5k and i can build a bit more.
Me fui a las 7:05 a.m.Calente hacia el mirador ,3k en 18:08, estreche un poco y luego hice 4 x 1 mile with 1 min rest , the splits were 6:54,6:54,6:53,6:52. total time including recovery was 30:53, faster than last week that was 31:05, the repeats were faster than last week and i felt better, llegue menos cansado y honestamente pude haber hecho la 5ta . The weather was good. Felt a bit tired when i started to warm up but then as i warmed up felt good. I am happy with the way that i felt during and after the repeats, i am in good shape. Cool down was 3k for home. About 12.8k. These workouts are confidence builders but i gotta do intervals workouts for the past 2 weeks i have skipped it. Great workout.

In the p.m., at about 5:20 p.m., me fui hacia el conservatorio suave sin reloj, y le di 5 vueltas.Crei que me sentiria cansado pero a medida que pasaban las vueltas me iba sintiendo mas comodo y creo que iba incrementando el paso sin querer. Felt really really good in this p.m., run. Not tired at all fro the morning workout. I ll see if i can incorporate these double days but running 6 times per week, and with the double ,7 times; not like now that i have been resting 2 days and make up that day to do a double run on sunday, do that i can accomplish my mileage goals. Next week ll be a recovery week(less mileage), and the next after the next will be higher than this. what a big rambling. Weather in the afternoon was fine.

runs in the week :6 runs
kilometraje de la semana: 65 kms

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