viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

long run

Hoy me levante a las 4:55 a.m., sin alarma y me quede hasta las 5:20a.m., en la cama y me levante a hacer mi long run, sali como a las 5:50a.m. hacia el mirador feeling pretty tired then en la luperon me devolvi and without knowing pace did the 16k in 1:29:33(47:02,42:31), i wore the watch but never looked at it till 200m to go, kind of surprised with the time, i thought that i was moving at 6 min per km , but really increased the pace in the second half without noticing and feeling the same tiredness from the yesterday 's workout, the most important thing is to get it done , and i am happy i did. the weather was great. good run.

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