domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Catching up

Wednesday- This morning I was out for my run at 5.40 a.m.,Was supposed to do an interval workout : 5 x 1k, but The left leg did not allow me to do so, yesterday I was hesitant to do it, depends on how I would start, I started with some pain so I wrote it off, BUT, as I warmed up to the mirador with Danilo in 18.54, he was doing a fast 10k, and I decided to do some of the run with him to activate the system, went out to do 2.5k but in the middle of the run decided to do 3 kms, the splits were 4.12,4.06,4.10( out and back) to finish the 3k in 12:29. Then contiuned to home to finish the 11k in 59.37. Last 8k were in 40:43. Great morning for a run.

Thursday- Decided to give the left leg a rest and see if I could get rid of the pain.

Friday- This morning I woke up at 5.15 a.m. and was out at 5.40 a.m. started with the pain, felt very rested and good, but the pain makes me change my running mechanics, did 11k in 60.14. Felt good but the pain.

Saturday- This morning I was out at 7 a.m., was trying to do my cruise interval workout, but I started the run with a lot of pain, it eased up as I warmed up, but was always there, was not sure of starting the workout, after warming up 3k to the mirador, decided to started it but to see how it felt, I had decided to give up the workout, well, I did 2k at "threshold pace" in 8.39(4.16, 4.23) a bit after the 2k I saw Danilo and stop the workout there and came back with him, so I did around 10.2k, with the last 7.2k in 39.26. Felt frustrated to not have completed neither of the workouts, but its not my fault.

Today I decided that I needed to give the leg some rest, I ll give today and tomorrow with no running and see if it makes a difference, I have been researching somewhat, and my injury is quiet common, its called shin splints, I saw that the only way to heal it is resting and applying antiflamatory cream. We will see how these 2 days turn out.

Runs this week: 4 runs, because of injury.

Kilometraje semanal: 43 kms, not bad for only 4 days of running. Hope that I can get back to doing my hard workouts and be ready to attack my PR on July 10k.

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