miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Morning short run with fast finish

As you all know, yesterday I had pain in my left leg for basically the whole run, so I had doubts if I was going to be able to make sunday's race, I took antiflamatories twice yesterday and it paid off this morning. This morning I woke up at 5:20 a.m., was out the door for my run at 5:47a.m. , today the durarion of the run would depend on the pain in my leg, when I woke up this morning the leg was bothering me softly and I thought that it would bother even more as soon as I would start my run, well, that did not happen at all, when I started the run I did not feel pain at all, just was bothering a bit, almost 0 bother, I was not sure of how long to run, since today was supposed to be my interval workout of the week, I was not going to do it, because its better to take it easy( the 2nd half was not that easy today) and not to get the injury worse. So I opted for 6k ( to the km 0 of the mirador and back) at 5:00 per km since I was feeling very good and rested, but then took it easy , then accelerated at times again, so I decided that I was going to run 6k at a good pace with the 5:00/km in the back of my head. I was moving the legs way faster than my regular runs, pressed the split button at the half without looking and came back even stronger, to the point when my breathing was fast, but never felt exhausted, felt strong the whole way and with good form, so I came back the last 3k in 12:57, I was surprised with that , I thought that I was running 14 mins for the last 3km, I was sure that the first half was not at 5:00 per km, because I felt great cardiovasculary and starting a morning run, 5 min/km feels like 4 min/km turnoverwise. I finished the 6k in 29:33 (16:36,12:57), so sub 5 min per km thanks to the second half, negative split by 3:40 or so, felt great, the leg behave well. I should not force the pace today for sure, but I was feeling pretty nice and the leg was not bothering me at all, and I had scheduled an interval workout, last km of today was at interval pace I think, at least the effort was. Great weather, happy to be able to make the race, hope that the leg continue behaving well.

6k total, 29:33 (16:36,12:57).

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