lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Back on the wagon

After 3 days off recovering from illness( the flu) I was back on track again. This morning I went out to the mirador , this time in my GFs car, I picked her up since she want to start exercising, so I started my run there like in the old times when I ran in the afternoon there everyday, I started easy and the pace was fast compared to my ridiculous slow pace starting from my house, 5.37 the first km, the firstmile was 8.58, then switched the watch to time of day since I did not want to race the watch, suddenly my legs starting to dead, and it was like that for the rest of the run, got to the km 4 and back,so 8 kms in 43.59, the pace was easy and at times I had to significantly slow the pace since I was dead, it seems that I am not fully recovered from the illness,I am glad I rested 3 days. To be honest switched the watch to the chrono to see the time with 200s to go I had 43.03 so I pushed it a bit so I could get under 44 mins, oh well!! Felt a bit tired at the end, but at least the form was good. Happy to be back on the wagon. Today{s run started around 6:28 a.m.Happy Monday

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