jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

First run of a new life

This morning I ran 9.2k , 4 laps to the conservatory and out for the maximo gomez route, then back home to finish i 51:54, watch on time of day. This run was at 10:35 a.m. I am glad that I once again was able to be running again and to celebrate life again and to see my family and girlfriend once again, since I though that yesterday night was my end. When I was going out off work and took a "public car" but was not registered, my mistake was to get in the car to not wait for another registered car of public transportation, within 2 mins inside the car I was pointed out with a gun, in that moment I thought that was going to die and did everything they told me to, luckily in my wallet I only had around 12 bucks = 400 pesos in my country, I was praying in my mind, telling god and my mom to get me out of this, they take me off the money and let me all my ids and credit cards, then he said that he did not wanted to do harm to us( there was another victim in the car), and ask me if I had money so that I could take another transportation, I said no and they gave me 50 pesos= 2.5 dollars, they hit me a couple of times since I put the hand in my pocket to save something, that did not like it to them, then they said that they were going to release but if we took a look back they would shoot at us, they opneed the back door, we weree out and I ran without looking back, I was very very nervious but I was happy because god and my mom protected from heaven and they listeded my prays. I was very nervious and I could get to my destiny that I was my girlfriend's college, my heart rate was high but I was in control. I was lucky because everyday is found a person killed by armed robbers. I am just happy to be alive and to be able to run once again! this is the first time that I get though something like this before!! I just needed to run today to celebrate life and to thank the opportunity to take a breath once again! Happy Corpus Christi Day!

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