viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Progressive run

This morning I went out to the park with my girlfriend at 6.25a.m., I did the same route as yesterday , so 10kms, 5k out and 5k back, the past 2 says did not feel as good, but today the temps were cooler and I could feel a breeze, I intended to run easy but when I discovered the "good" temps I decided to push a little and do a progressive run, did 10k in 53.34, with splits per km of: 5:59,5:37,5:28,5:27,5:25,5:19,5:13,5:07,5:05,4:49. In the last km I pushed a bit to get to sub 5 mins, although I had intended to do so in an easier effort in previous kms, oh well I was close though, gotta a lot of work to do, but I felt good, much better than yesterday and I am happy with the effort put in, the faster half felt better than the first( the slower one). Second half was in the 25:30s, Nice progressive run and I think I did not go anaerobic! Happy Friday everyone!

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