domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

Catching up

Saturday......This was not a predawn running as I slept in, but had to run some errands before my run and had other commitments so I decided to do a short run, 5.5k to the conservatory, 3 laps there , was a progressive effort in 30.16 , the pace felt faster than that, but it seems that I started very slow and progressed through the run, The weather was hot and I felt pretty good!! Sunday.......This morning was p at 6.10 a.m. I was going to do my long run for the week : 15k, went out with my father and started pretty easy, then he decided to short the run and I was all alone from 4k on , was feeling strong and pretty good, the first 5k were very slow , I ran with watch on time of day but switched to the chrono every 5k to see the time, first 5k were in 31.07, within a reason I felt that I was not working , anyway naturally sped up when I was alone, the second 5k came in 28.32, for 59.40 in the 10k, then I was going to buy water at 12k but the guy that sell the water was not there, so that shocked me a bit since I was thristy, anyway I was feeling strong enough to keep going, in 13k I stopped in the grocery for water and I drank the whole bottle , I was renewed and felt pretty good, I was completely deshydrated before drinking the water, the hot was decent today, finished the 15k in 1.26.50 so 27.10 for the last 5k and I felt very good and strong the whole way,but more after drinking the water, I ll have to ramp up a bit the long runs, since the half marathon is in exactly 3 weeks and that is not enough for 21.1k, but with water every mile and a half I think that I ll complete the distance easier. Happy Sunday Runs this week: 6 runs Kilometraje semanal: 57 kms or so, the same as last week but yesterday{s run ruined the volume of the week,k but is better to run than not!! I am getting consistent once again.

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