viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Dawn to the mirador

This morning did not find a time in my mind where I could fit my run during the late morning so I opted for the dawn, went out with my brother and father at 6:00 a.m., I had planned to do 10k easy to the mirador, my brother was off right off the bat, my father and I stayed behind, but then he dropped and reached the 4.6 point, I reached the 5k mark( and then the same route but coming back) as I was running 10k, so from that time on I stayed alone and was feeling the yesterday's hills, the legs were fried, in the last 2k the legs loosen up a bit and with around 600s to go I caught my father again and We finished in 56:55, I did 10k and He did 9.2k, he came back sooner because he fainted! it seems that the sugar levels of him are high! Weather was very very hot eventhough was early in the morning, I was soaking in sweat at the end!! Happy Friday!

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