miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Predawn slog

This morning was up at 5:15 a.m. and was out the door by 5:50 a.m. or so, went out with my father and my brother, I started at an easy pace, at the 1.8k mark or so my brother had GI problems and had to turn around to home, after that were my dad and myself, after 3k running together he felt way back eventhough I was running very slow, ran with watch on time of day but switched to chrono at the half to see the time, so 5k in 30:17, then went back to time of day, in the 7k mark I was feeling very thristy and wanted to get it done, too hot , I was breathing ver unconfortable, that is inusual for me cuz I am used to run at 10:xx a.m. when the heat is suposed to be higher, oh well!! the legs were dead. However, finished the 10k and passed my father( he did turn around in the 4.6k mark so he did 9.2k) to finish in a time of 57:42, so second 5k in 27:25 or so, huge negative split on tired legs without trying! weather was awful as I said!! at least is in the bag already! my father did 9.2k in 58:34. Happy humpday!

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