miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Zapping the zero in the predawn

Yesterday slept in and did not have the motivation to go at any other time of day but the predawn, so no running. I felt guilty all day. This morning woke up at5.15 a.m. and went out with my girlfriend to the mirador , I started my run there at around 6.20a.m., today I had planned to do 9k and that was what I did, put the watch on time of day and cruised till the 4.5k and back. Legs felt flat in the first 2-3 kms, then I kind of loosened up and in the second half I opened a bit and was running much faster at the same effort, the effort was always easy though.Finished the 9k in 48:51. Faster than last time and this time felt much more confortable but way to humid out there today eventhough the sun was not that bright!! Happy Humpday everyone! loving the predawn runs once again! its only 8 a.m.and I am done with my running!

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