domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Dawn run to the mirador

This morning slept till 6:55 a.m. no that late for a Sunday:D, then headed out to do my run and to finally run 6 days a week, dont remember the last time that that happened!Went out with my father to the mirador, but in the first 2k I was running alone, I tried to wait for him to do the first half together, but I was building a bigger gap even waiting for him. Passed the first 3k holding back in 18:20, the first 5k in 29:23, then started to sped up naturally, finished the 10k in 55:43, sped up significantly in the last 250m to get under 56 mins, no reason to, but I was just playing a bit! No need to look at the watch that often, but I wanted to have fun a bit with my head, the last 3k were around 15:20, so 3 mins faster than the first 3k. Great week of running for me! first time in ages that I run 6 times in a week and finally reach 50 kms since around 2-3 months ago. Have a great Sunday all!

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