domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Mini tempo to the mirador

Yesterday could not run because I did not have clean sox to run because of the lack of water these days. At least it was for an external factor and not the lazyness. This morning woke up at 6:45 a.m. and was out at 7:45 a.m. lasted that much to go out because I waited for my father. I went out to the mirador with my father and I had planned to do 10k, I went out with him for the first 2k, after We went uphill I dropped him, and waited for him, telling him to catch him, He told me to go on, then I sped up at bit to my normal pace, the first 3k in 18:13, then decided that after resting yesterday and feeling good it was time to do something somewhat hard and I tried a 4k tempo, I wanted to do it sub 8 mins pace, around 7:45 pace or so, but after passing the first km in 4:42 and the first mile in 7:35, I was running at my normal tempo pace and decided to stick with it, second km came in 4:40, 3rd in 4:41 and the last one, struggling a bit with breathing, but the form was pretty good , did the last in 4:35, feeling pretty energized, so 18:38 for the 4k (4:39 per km or 7:29 per mile), it has been a while since I locked into that pace, I need to start doing hardworkouts again. I have a 10k next Saturday and I want to 47-48 mins. Today I could not hold that pace for 10k ( that would be 46:16), but soon I ll be able. We will see how I do in the race, my brother Dan G. commmited to run with me during the race, thanks for that brother!! Did 3k to cool down in just under 16:50 for a total of 53:37 in the 10k. Felt pretty good and happy with the workout, but if I want to really see significant improvements I need to do those workouts on a consistent basis. Have a great Sunday!

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