sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2014

1 week off

Well after the race I jsut very sore, I have read several times that after a goal race you have to rest 1 week of no running, I did just that but that was not on purpose, in fact my plan was to continue the training normally, but the very sore legs and the inability to wake up early to run got me, no excuses, I was back at it early this morning. At 5:30 a.m. I woke up and was out to the conservatory and did 4 easy laps in 6:34,6:22,6:15,6:14 to finish the 6.6k or so in 41:06. A bit slow but I am pretty happy to get back at it.

Another thing is that I started going to the gym on Tuesday, went yesterday and going again tomorrow morning, so the running and 3 times per week of gym work, should improve my weight and my figure :) I felt really good in today's and enjoyed it a lot.

Strength training is good, but I just love to run and could never replace running with weight training, running is just special and much more difficult mentally, thus more satisfing when you accomplish your goals. Anyways, a combination of the 2 will get me in pretty good shape.

Have a great Saturday all!

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