martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

Zapping the zero

Yesterday I took the day off, I was a bit sore in the calf from Sunday in the swimming pool.

Today I went out to the conservatory after work (7:05 p.m.) and did 4 laps outside the conservatory in 7:51,7:40,7:36,7:20, then from the conservatory I run a bit harder in 6:09, the last 300-400s were fast. I felt really good in the second half, not so good in the first half. first half was 23:22, second half was in 21:10. The weather was awesome and I finished the run in 44:32. I have been running 5 times per week consistently and feeling better and better, anyway I dont have time to prepare well for the 5k on 20th, but definetely next year I ll be in very good shape.

Have a great day!

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