miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

Last run of 2014

Did not run on Monday and Tuesday, but went to the gym yesterday to hit Biceps and back. Anyway I ll have to run for the rest of the week to accomplish my 5 times per week of running.

This evening I headed out with Danilo at 6;05 p.m. to the conservatory and We could run inside the park but not the regular lap since there was an area that was closed. We ran there till the 39 mins, then We kind of " raced" the last 1.2k( from the conservatory to home), He built a gap on me of about 30 meters, with around 300s to go I could bridge the gap and  outsprinted him, but with around 30m to go He outsprinted me back, it was fun. and I had to walk for several minutes to catch my breath back. I just reflected that going to the gym is fun, but the endorphins you get trough running are much higher and I really love the feeling running gives me, but I am starting to like weight lifting too. But I always ll be a runner.

5:59 for the last 1.2k, 44:59 total. A great run to end the year.

Have a great year and a great dinner with the family and friends!! I ll post about thoughts of 2014.

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