jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

The running continues

Yesterday took the day off due to the finances course in the evening. Today after work I got dressed and I headed to the conservatory and did the 4 old laps that I have been doing outside of the conservatory. I felt really good today and finished pretty hard, the hardes that I have run in a while.

Got there in 7:43, then did 4 laps in 7:48,7:35,7:25,7:13, then increaded the effort a bit and in the last 300s I really increaded effort and finished the run in 43:31, from the conservatory to home did 5:44, much faster than the last 6:09 I did on Tuesday.The first half was in 23:07, the second half in 20:24 a lot faster.

I am running good and pretty much consistently but I am just doing almost all my runs pregressive and that would take me in no man´s land since I am not taxing the body as if I were doing workouts, anyway, its good to play with the watch a little bit, but its easy to get caught into that!! The weather was great and the park was very crowded, I had to dodge people and cars several times.

Have a great night everyone!! the running continues straight till Sunday!

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