domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

Fun evening running with the brother

Today I skipped the run in the morning since when I woke up the sun was shining pretty hard and was not very motivated , but had in mind to run in the evening and that was what I did, I convinced my brother to run with me since He did not feel like running because He did squats and the legs are very SORE, He said ouch! when He stands up or sit down.

Anyway! We got to the conservatory at 5:20 p.m. in 7:41, then did 4 laps outside the conservatory in 7:44,7:41,7:36, then He kind of sped up and I responded, 3rd lap in 7:10, then headed back home and I did that 1.2k in 6:06 , I outsprinted my brother, weird thing but He said that He could not run any faster due to the squats soreness!! I enjoyed this run, felt really good and peacefully after the run. The weather was great also, the only problem was the overcrowd entering and getting out the conservatory.

Total time was 44:01, I feel confident becuase in the week off I did not lose any fitness at all, I just need to keep running consistently and the times should come down. Next year is going to be good runingwise for me!!

Have a great Sunday!

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