martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Fresh? not at all

Ayer descanse intencionalmente ya que tenia 5 mornings seguidas corriendo, which for the moment is plenty for me. Ayer tenia par de dolores en el hueso de la pierna( he sufrido lesion en esa zona) and legs felt a bit tired. No early wake up yesterday, woke up around 7 a.m.

Hoy me levante a las 5:30a .m., it was not that hard getting out of bed , pero tenia bastante suenio, lo mas probable porque me acoste a las 1:00a.m., so 4.5 hours of sleep, not good. This morning I ran with Danilo, i wanted to do 7k easy, but he was going to run 8k to the mirador y yo por no correr solo on the way back( tambien yo iba al mirador) me fui con el. On this run i thought that due to the rest day yesterday my legs would feel fresh and ready to push the pace a bit, well, not at all, quite the opposite. Desde que empezo el run, mis piernas were pretty heavy and continue like that the rest of the run. I did the 8k with Danilo in 45:05-45:10, i did not wear a watch because he was using his, and my father wore his to work, so i knew my time because i ran with Danilo. The weather was hot.

All in all, the legs felt heavy but cardiovascular i was cruising pretty well and the run seemed short after those couple of 10k runs of the weekend. Now it is 7:47 a.m. and i am done with my run, good feeling.

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