jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Base hills

Went out to bed very late last night, so removed predawn chance to run, so at 11:10 a.m. I went out , later than I would have liked, the plan was to do 8.5k easy and do a moderate fartlek tomorrow, but the path on the conservatory were closing due to fixing I had to cut laps significantly and do the longest hills, so I had an idea, to do a hill workout like Caleb suggested in the base phase, as I do hills virtually on all my runs, he suggested to repeat several times the steeplest hill, so that was what I did! warmed up 30:30 running on that hill, but then I decided to do 7 repeats on that hill at an EASY pace and jog down for "Recover", after that went out off the conservatory and went home in 51:06, so around 9k total, I was soaking in sweat at the end too hot!! when I finished a guy told me that I was going to die running in that sun! it seems that We runners are crazy people in the eyes of non-runners!! Happy Thursday! felt very good and the run passed by quicky!!

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