domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

400s repeats

This morning the plan was to run  5-6 x 400m repeats in the mirador. Did not have an idea of times range, since I have been years without doing 400s repeats.

I started my warm up from home, 3k to the mirador, started very easy and then in the last km of my warm up I threw 3-4  x 10 seconds pick up, since I felt the calves burning and I felt tired overall, those pick ups made me feel better.

3k in 19:07, passed, stopped for a  min or so, before starting the workout. Wanted 5-6 x 400s with 200m jog, actual workout was 4 x 400m, with 200m jog in between.  I almost called it a day after 3 repeats, but forced myself for the 4th. 3k cool down for a total of 8.6k or so.

Times were 1:42,1:45,1:45,1:45. These are slowest times that I have run in 400m repeats, and  I was huffing and puffing like a sprinter. I am really surprised with the slow that I have become. However, doing those wokouts, you realize in what shape you are in, I am in very bad shape.

But the good news is that its the first step to get into workouts once again, stress workouts is what really makes you as a runner, not jogging around without purpose as I have been doing for the majority of the last few years.

Next Saturday I ll try again to do 6 repeats and at a faster pace, to be honest I was tired today due to the strong uphill running yesterday, although I was running easy, it seems that it made an effect on my body.

All in all, happy to be back doing stress workouts!

Have a great end of easter!

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