domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Feeling better:400s repeats

Today I woke up feeling a bit sore, but hey, I had been running pretty easy for the last couple of days, so I had to do something harder today, so I opted with my A plan to do my 400s repeats eventhough the roads were completely wet.

I went out with my father to the mirador, and when I ran the uphill  I am usually dead and my calves screaming because of the tightness, today I felt really, good  and realized that it could be a ver good day, from km 2-3, I did 4 x 10-15 seconds pick ups. Not mile pace, but a bit slower.

Warmed up 3k to the mirador in 18:56, stopped a bit, laced my shoes, the workout planned was 6 x 400s with 200s jog in between,  and I decided to not look at the watch during the workout and see the splits post run at home. That is what I did, 1st repeat, fell under control, no that fast, but effort was there, 2nd repeat felt a bit harder, but still under control, 3rd and 4rd I was feeling it, but still not struggling, on 5th and 5th repeat, I tried to relax for the first 200s and really increased effort in the last 200s, I was getting pretty tired after the 4th one, but I had the strength to complete 6th repeat, as opossed to last week where I did 4 repeats and was dead.

I think that the body found its own rythm, and after the first one it automatically put its own effort, so the 6th repeat could be completed at the desired effort.

After the 6th repeat, I walked a couple of mins, since I was huffing and puffing, then the 3k cool down to home started, 19:20 for the 3k cool down.

As I was drinking water at home, I looked at the splits for the first time and they were: 1:45,1:45,1:43,1:45,1:47,1:49. Pretty even splits, but as I suspected, in the last 2 repeats I was tired. A lot of work to do, but at least the effort was there.

Although I got a lot  of work to do, I feel happy, because I felt strong and felt good overall, that is a good sign!

Very rainy day and it seems that I will stay at home once again!

Have a great Sunday folks!

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