miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Recovery run

I did not run on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a planned rest day, but Tuesday I was going to run in the afternoon, but the rain did not let me.

So Today (Wednesday), I was out at 8:00 a.m., to avoid the rain in the evening, the plan was to run easy to prepare for my " tempo" run tomorrow. This run was all, but easy, I got to the conservatory just fine in 7:46, then decided to not look at the watch.

The first 3 laps in the conservatory were difficutl, although the effort was easy, I had both of my calves very tight, which is a pain the arse, with every step.I knew that they were loosening up anytime during the run, so I kept my goal to do 7.5k.

In the last 2 laps in the conservatory, I loosened up, but still kept the effort easy, finished feeling pretty good, but the run overall was pretty slow, finished 7.5k @48:21. The weather was a bit hot, but cloudy.

Tomorrow I ll try to run 4 laps in 5:20 per km, that would be a piece of cake, but given my actual fitness, I am not so sure. Probably I should take it easy, but I cant keep training like that, so no matter what, if cant hit my goal times, the effort will be sure there. Sounds stupid, but pussyness has to end.

Have a great Wednesday!

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