sábado, 15 de abril de 2017

Change of route

Today I headed out with my father at 7:00 a.m. to another house to prick something for my father, the house was arounde 7k from home ( after crossing the river Ozama), so I wanted to run easy  because I want to do 5-6 x 400s tomorrow to see where I am at, a lot of years without doing those reps. We will see how that plays out.

We took the Bolivar straight till the river, then after the river took a big uphill that put the brakes on my father, then it  was a combination of rolling hills and flat, no downhills to speak of, but I managed them pretty well, it seems that the hills in the conservatory on a dialy basis, prepare me well for that kind of stuff. All in all, I felt strong running those hills at an easy pace, when I felt that my effort was raising, I slowed down a bit.

However, if I had to do those hills at race pace it would be another story, but again, I think I ll conquer them.

We got to the house in roughly 40 mins, then I decided to run more to complete 45:40 so that I  can make sure I ran my peauut butter distance, which is 7.5k. I think We did more though!

This route was a lot of fun, those 45 mins passed by faster than ever, thats because I pretty much do all my runs in a 1k loop, which is boring after 4-5 laps.  I have to change route more often, that is the beauty of running, you can travel anywhere with your own feet, and I have been limiting myself to the 1k loop park.

Running is a beautiful sport, and it can help you admire what you would, if you are in a car. I promise I ll try to change my routes more often, eventhough its only on weekends.

45:40 in a bit more than 7.5k.

Have a great day!

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