miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Morning "Long run"

Yesterday I took the day off. I had 6 days running in a row, so it was time to rest, yea at my level (slow) that is the most appropiate thing.

Today I wanted to wake up early and do 11k to the mirador in a falt terrain, that would count as my long run, I was a little anxious, because I have not run such a distance in quiet a while, but I did not wake up that early to go to the mirador, so I had to do it in the conservatory, which has 2 hills per each km, so around 20 hills, muich more difficult than the mirador in all aspect, mentally and physically, its not easy to run 1k laps on end, complete a long run ( in my book).

So it was really a battle, at times I just wanted to quit and do my normal run of 7.5k, but I hung on, and battled it out through the heat and mental pain that I was embracing. I did 8 laps in the conservatory and when I got home I had 10.5k, so I needed 3 more mins to complete the 11k. Those 3 mins were the longest in a long time, I was just wanted to get done.

I am glad that I stayed strong and completed my distance, it was definetely not easy, but I did it. I was soaking wet at the end, the heat and humidity were awful, and that made the run just worse.

Splits were: 7:55 to get to the conservatory ( had some traffic problems), then did 8 laps in 6:42,6:35,6:33,6:28,6:28,6:22,6:20,6:21,7:15( to get home), and 3 more mins to complete the 11k. Total time was 70:53.

In my opinion, it was very slow, but I really wanted to make my laps after the halfway sub 6:10 per lap, but the legs did not want to go faster than 6:20.

However, I am happy to have completed the distance, and I ll build up the distance, so sooner or later I am able to do a half marathon in practice, its been a while since I have run more than 20k, I would say the last time I did it was in my half marathon race in 2009.

I think the long run would be key if I want to get back to my old PR`s or at least close to that. I need to keep working all systems though, because I dont want to become an exter at jogging and when its time to push the envelope, I could not.

Need to find another route also, do laps and laps and laps there its not pretty.

I started this run at 7:13 a.m.

Have a great Humpday!

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