martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Nice morning run

Yesterday was a rest day- I Know, I said that yesterday I was running, but decided to rest because my calves was bothering me and today was supposed to be a Repetition workout, but decided to move it for tomorrow, was the best idea because my stomach was not right and my left knee is starting to bother me.

Hoy me fui con Danilo a las 6:00a.m., hacia el mirador, como movi el workout para manana, decided to do a 11k easy, so I went out to the 5.5k of the mirador and back, the pace was nice and easy. In the 8th kilometer I tried to do my usual 5 strides, but could only do 2 strides, the stomach and the left knee avoided me to continue the strides, so I quit the strides and kept moving at an easy pace till my home ( and the finish of the 11k) to finish the 11k in 63:36. Very nice weather, very nice morning. I love to run in the morning( once i am out there) but the hardest part is to get out of bed.

11k easy total, 63:36.

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  1. It's so hard to get out of bed sometimes. I did a morning run this morning as well -- it's so worth the pain of getting up early. Hope you're feeling better.