sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Dawn longer run cut short

This morning I was up at 5:30 a.m., then drove to the mirador alone this time! I started my run at 6:20 a.m. Today I had planned to do 14k, and a couple of guys that run 18 mins in the 5k were going to start running and I wanted to run with them to have some company, I knew that they were running at a pace that is faster than mine, but I took the challenge since I like to have some company so that the miles go by quicker. Put the watch on time of day and We started at a good clip and We sped up gradually to the point of 7:30 per mile according to one of the guy's garmin, One of those guys is the organizator of the gratest race in the country, the Hispaniola Half marathon. Good conversation going through, I could talk, but that is not my easy pace for sure, its like my tempo pace( by know), hit the 5k in 24:23, that was when I switched the watch to the chrono, Jose Elias turned around before the 5k mark, so It was Pablo and me, as soon as We turned around, He said something like He was going to speed up and went away like a rocket to make up the distance that Jose Elias had gap. I could not respond to that big move , knowing that I was going to run 14k , my longest run in a while, the next km 4:52, so 29:16 for 6k, a nice tempo run, then did 4 more k very easy seeing how those guys were going out of reach, the legs were heavy and that slower pace felt like a walk, last 4k 22:24 to finish the 10k in 51:40, not bad. Then ran to the car for water, then debated to run those extra 4k, and I was kind of pissed off mentally because of the dissapointed in not being able to keep up, so called it a day and went home, so finished in 52:43 for about 10.2k. Tomorrow I ll do 12-14k, I need to get to do long runs of 20 kms or longer to see significant drop in my times. Everybody here do it and everybody in the park, do it too. For example, a group of guys appeared when I was drinking water and they had 23 km in the bag already. Need to build back my long run. Have a great Saturday!!

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