sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

First workout of the cycle: Dawn threshold run

Yesterday I was a bit worried about the left calf/shin and when I woke and tried to run inside my house, it was a little tight so I decided to rest so that I can avoid injury. This morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and I was out with my brother to take the girl friend and We headed to the mirador park. My brother and I warmed up for 2k (wanted more but we have to finish in 50-60 mins, then stretched for a couple of mins and We were off, the plan was to do a 5k threshold run in 23:30-23:45 and I did just that. The first 200s a bit fast in 52 seconds, We eased off and the splits per km were 4:38,4:44,2:21(500m out),2:26(500m back) at that point my watchbelt broke and the watch fell down and I had to turn back to pick it up, then I ran watchless with my watch in my hand for the rest of the run, 4:45,4:37 to finish in 23:34. My brother was a bit ahead the whole way cheering me on, Thanks bro for your help and support!! He finished in 23:29 and did 3 more kms at that pace after doing his threshold run yesterday afternoon. After recovering for about 2-3 mins I did 2 x 200s with 3 mins recovery in between in 41 and 44 second. Felt fast on these, had centuries without doing 200s repeats. Felt really good in my first threshold run of the cycle, hope that next time the tempo portion feel betterand at the end of the cycle I could do faster and longer. The weather was very good and I did around 2k cool down, for around 9.5k total. Happy Saturday all!

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