viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Dawn to the conservatory

Rest for the past 2 days due to lack of water to wash the clothes, so did not have clean clothes to run, This is my country(Dominican Republic)! This morning I finally could get out there and I was very hungry of running these past 2 days. This morning didnot take the girlfriend so I took the conservatory route, did 6 laps there so 8.52k or so in 49:14, put the watch on time of day and just ran easy, I felt that I sped up throughout the run, Felt very good at the end, and the weather was not that bad, but I was soaking at the end. I am happy to be back on the wagon. I dont know when I ll be racing but need to radget up the miles so that I can be ready for whatever race I do.

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