sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2012

5k navideno

This afternoon was the 5k navideno, I was fearing to feel the same way as my past 10k last month, where I had to walk the second half, it did not happen and I felt pretty good throughout, went out locked into a pace and slowed down a bit in the second half. A friend did the race with me in a bike, thanks Jose!! Felt a bit dissapointed with the time, it was just over 23 mins, I was hoping to run 22:30 to 22:59, but I just ran hard, feel that I did not gave my all, need to race a bit more to find that pain threshold and start knowing what I am capable of, too far off my PR, but I am pretty happy with the way I felt and the strong I was. With around 200s to go, just saw the watch clicking the 22:15 and I just sped up to try to get sub 23 mins but just could not! Ran without a watch, just by effort, the 2 halves splits will be posted with the official time, I ll post it later. By now, I just ran 23:04-23:05. Have a great day! I ll keep doing workouts and I know that I can shave much more time to that!

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