domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Morning to the conservatory with brother

This morning slept in a bit, was up before 8 and went out running with my brother just before 9 a.m. We went out to the conservatory at an easy pace, did 6 laps there and back home, the first half was nice and easy, the second half was progressive, after the first half in 25:36, We started gradually increasing the pace, the next lap came in 5:29, the next in 5:22, and the 6th lap in 5:15, then increased the pace for the last 1.2k witth the bigdownhill, did that in 5:29. In the last 500s my bro and I were together and he finished 26 seconds ahead, He just took off and I was running fast. Very good run and the weather was great. Finished in 47:11, so 4:01 faster than the first half. Have a great Sunday!

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