sábado, 6 de julio de 2013

Cocuyos 5k race

This afternoon I raced the Cocuos 5k race at 6:00 p.m. ,this was my first race of the year, I was a bit insecure about my time, but I wanted to run 22:30 or less or at least race sub 23. I did 22:45, I did not race with a watch so no idea of splits, just ran hard the whole way. The weather was decent, I think I could have run faster, but I have not found the pace that I need to go out,need more races to figure this out, I sprinted hard in the last 100s without losing form though, passed around 3-4 people in the last 200s. Feel satisfied, but lots of work need to be done. Warmed up 2k before the race and cooled down 2 more kms inmediately afte r the race with my brother. Wanted to run more, but just leave it at that, tomorrow I ll do a longer run!! Have a great night!!

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