sábado, 13 de julio de 2013

Fartlek :90 seconds repeats

This morning I wanted to go to the mirador to do 400s intervals, I slept in, but felt pretty guily and would feel like s"·$·"t if I would not have gotten my intervals in, so at 8:40 a.m.( too late with the sun shining) I decided to go to the conservatory and do a fartlek in the flat part, the intervals would be 90 seconds, so afer 18 mins or so warming up, stretched a bit and then did 8 x 90 seconds with 90 seconds rest(jogging), this workout was very hard , and the repeats 2,4,6,8, the first 100s were slighty uphill so no easy at any point, at the end of each repeat I was huffing and puffing hard, even wanted to do 10, but after they 8th one I was done and had to put my hands on my knees, was very tired out there, but put in a great effort, glad I did not do more reps then I would have raced the workout instead of training to race, but to be honest this workout tired me more than the 5k race of last Saturday, hech this one was in the sun at a much faster pace with only 90 second rest, and at the end of 90 seconds rest, my heart still wanted to go out of my chest, oh well! that is training hard!! I was running out of time so I could only cool down around 11 mins, generally I would cooldown 20 mins or so. Definitely a good workout! Have a great Saturday!!

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