viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Easy afternoon run with brother

I ran today in the afternoon at 5:30 p.m., these days are going to end since I get back to work on Monday, so predawn running or night running those days, I hope to really keep my running schedule going and this consistency going,, I ll do my best. I went out to the conservatory and when I was getting there by brother passed me like a bat, then We ran together for the rest of the run, We did 6 laps there in 6:09,6:04,5:54,5:54,5:50,5:48 to finish the 8.5k in 50:31, He did 48:30, given that He went out 2 mins behind. I felt much better today than yesterday no pains or niggles today, I just cruising along easy peacy, and as the run went by i felt better and better. I took it easy since I want to do intervals tomorrow morning. Have a great evening!

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