domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

Longer run :13k+

This morning considered to rest after yesterday´s afternoon race, but then I told to myself that I dont rest after stress workouts and that race was pretty much that a hard workout and nothing more, no the olympics, so I left the pus!"$ness behind and start working, at 7:40 a.m. I headed to the mirador wanting to run 12-13k, I felt sore when I started but after a few mins felt great and everyting clicked, within the first km I had problems with some dogs so I stopped a couple of times there, when I reached the mirador I was feeling pretty good and decided to do 13k, in the 10k I bought a water bottle since I was feeling a bit tired there, and after 13k ran around 2 more mins to make up the time lost with those dogs.I wore my watch but those dogs made me to lose track of time but I did 80 mins total time. Felt good but a bit tired in the last few kms, felt strong, was soaked at the end, it seemed that I jumped into a pool! Great way to finish a good week of training and I love the consistency that I have had in the last month!! Tomorrow is a planned rest day! Have a great Sunday!

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