miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

Intervals: 800s & 400s

This morning was up early at 5:30 a.m. debated to leave the workout for the afternoon, no way, in the afternoon life gets in the way and this workout is very important.So I headed out to the mirador park at 6:35 a.m., warmed up 3k to get there and then stretched a bit.Then I had planned to do 4 x 800s and 2 x 400s, if I felt good add to that 2 x 200s but the 200s did not happen today. So did the 800s in 3:21,3:22,3:18.3:19, all with 400s rest, after the first one, I decided to not look at the watch till the end of the repeat, that worked very well, since I ran with no pressure during the intervals, I just focused on effort, breathing and form, after the 800s jogged for 3 mins and did 2 x 400s in 90 and 97, after that 97 I decided to call it a day since I was very very tired!! then did 3k cool down for a total of 11.8k, so a long day for me!! I felt great after the workout and very satisfied, its incredible how you feel after a hard workout!! Have a great day!

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