miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

Morning Aerobic threshold run

Monday was a planned rest day, yesterday did not. Yesterday I left the run to the afternoon and when I got dressed started raining pretty hard, just knew about a strong storm entering the country, so could not run yesterday and I was pretty pissed off. This morning wanted to do 400s repeats but I did not sleep well and the left arm was hurting me dont know why, I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and was very cloudy, I just decided to do just one workut this week and to take it as a recovery week, heck, I missed yesterday anyway! When I went to the conservatory at 7:00 a.m. I was feeling pretty good and after one lap I decided to do a progression run or aerobic threshold run( Marathon- half marathon race pace) to lie to myself that I ran somewhat hard today and to do my normal 2 workouts per week, it worked perfectly as the legs are still tired from the race given the lactate is still accumulated in my legs, did 5 laps in at Marathon -half marathon pace in 5:16,5:10,5:02,4:57,4:58, wanted to do more, but the legs were feeling the burn already, I was not fully recovered very well from the race. Another thing is that in the conservatory splits are way slower because of the 2 hills each lap, in the mirador that wold have been faster and easier. After the 5 fast laps I did 2 easy laps, so 8 laps total for a total of 10.5k. Just timed the 5 aerobic threshold laps. I felt good but at the same time tired, the pace was not difficult to hold, but needed to stay focused to maintain. I am happy that I did not take it and push things a bit, so on Saturday I ll do my 400s. In the last 2 laps started pouring pretty hard and I was soaked at the end, even I stretched in the rain, I felt like a kid again and I am very greatful that I could feel that sense of victory!! Have a great day!

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